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To begin, it is essential that you can navigate this website effectively and with full capabilities. To do so, you must register on our website using your email account. This registration will grant you membership to Shelter Packaging, providing access to all our products and services, along with enabling the complete features and functionalities on your account. Please be aware that you must agree to all the terms and conditions before gaining access to these features.

It is crucial that you provide complete and accurate information when creating your account with us. This is for your benefit, and you agree to provide your personal information with regular updates and edits as required.

Additionally, not all functions are available to all users. Access to specific features depends on the level of association an individual has with our organization. For instance, if you are exceptionally loyal to our program, you may be required to purchase the items visible on our website at the time of your sign-in.

To protect your information, we will assign you a unique ID when you register with us, and you will also receive a password for signing in. We advise selecting a secure and private password. If you suspect any unauthorized access to your account, it is best to change your password immediately to ensure your security. If you cannot access your account, please report it to us immediately so that we can take the necessary measures to restore your account and safeguard your information. By agreeing to these terms, you commit to notifying Shelter Packaging promptly if you suspect any misuse of your account.

Customer-Generated Content:

We welcome the addition of images and graphics for printing on boxes. However, you must ensure that any content you provide belongs solely to you and has not been copied from any other source. By providing us with images or data for your order, you verify that you are the rightful owner of this content and that it has not been forged or duplicated in any way. In the event of a lawsuit, employees, agents, and associates of Shelter Packaging will not be held liable and will be free of any responsibility. If Shelter Packaging becomes involved in any way, you will be responsible for all legal fees and settlement expenses. We are not obligated to take any action, and the burden falls on you.

Please note that Shelter Packaging does not retain customer content for an extended period. We will keep your order content for no longer than thirty days. After that period, we may either erase the content or make it irretrievable.

You are also obliged to agree to the following conditions and refrain from sending us content that falls under the following categories:

  1. Defamatory, unlawful, threatening, malicious, and vulgar.
  2. Intrusive of an individual’s privacy and safety.
  3. Aiding in the concealment of unlawful activities.
  4. Encouraging rebellion against the government.
  5. Not owned by you.
  6. Subject to conflicts related to copyrights, moral rights, property rights, or the right to publicity.
  7. Contains harmful content such as trojans and viruses.

Shelter Packaging generally does not filter content. However, we may choose to do so when deemed necessary. Any decision to filter or reject content is at the discretion of Shelter Packaging employees and is not open to questioning. We are also free to disclose customer content when required by law or when we believe it is essential to:

  1. Comply with legal processes.
  2. Enforce our company’s terms and conditions.
  3. Respond to accusations of copied content.
  4. Protect our rights and intellectual property.

Please be aware that when you upload content on our website or provide us with images, you voluntarily grant us all rights to it and the authority to determine its use. Additionally, Shelter Packaging cannot be held accountable if you choose to have your boxes customized by third-party websites mentioned on our site.

Design Tools and Usage:

It is important to understand that while we strive to make all design tools on our website accessible to all users, using these tools to create logos or marks does not grant you ownership of the design or template. These designs remain the sole property of Shelter Packaging under all circumstances. The use of our website’s tools or software to create any content does not grant joint ownership.

You must also ensure that any product generated using our tools is original and not copied from another source. In the event of a lawsuit, Shelter Packaging will not be held responsible under any circumstances. It is advisable to consult with your lawyer before choosing a design.

Shelter Packaging may have links on its website that redirect users to third-party websites and content. Please note that such content is not our property; we have included these links to enhance the customer experience. We are not responsible for the content found on these external websites, and we do not assess the legitimacy or accuracy of their content. While we make an effort to screen third-party links on our website, you should read and review all terms and conditions on these external websites at your discretion. We are not accountable for any inconvenience that may arise from visiting these links.

Content Specification:

We strongly recommend that you ensure the content you upload to Shelter Packaging meets the following criteria:

  1. It should have a one-by-one aspect ratio to ensure clear printing on your boxes with the necessary pixels and high resolution. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the rejection of the content.
  2. Content should be uploaded in RGB format, and Shelter Packaging is not responsible for any color distortion found by the client.

Color Quality:

While we strive for the highest printing quality in the industry, slight variations in color tone may occur during the production process. This can be due to differences in color shading on computer screens during reproduction, especially for RGB images. Shelter Packaging is not responsible for subtle differences in shades, such as those from red to near-red, or any discrepancies caused by UV coating.

Production Turnaround Time:

Shelter Packaging offers a quick turnaround time, but the speed may vary depending on the product and service selected. If you do not specify a timeframe, you may be charged for standard delivery, which does not include the time required for shipping.

Please note the following:

– Pickup time is in the morning at 8:00 AM. Orders placed after 6:00 PM will be delivered on the next day.

– Free delivery may apply only on the next upcoming order day; same-day turnaround with free delivery is not guaranteed and is at our discretion.

– Orders received after 8:00 AM will be dispatched no later than the next day.

– Orders received by 12:00 PM will be finalized and dispatched by the end of the next day.

– For production-related jobs, a formal announcement will be made on the seventh day after receiving the proposition.

Please be aware that suspicious or significantly flawed jobs will undergo rigorous checks and may cause delays in approval.

Group shipping may also extend the delivery time for your order by a couple of days.

Quantity Delivered:

Shelter Packaging aims to fulfill customer needs by delivering the requested quantity of items. However, there may be a slight discrepancy of approximately three percent more or less than the requested quantity. In such cases, Shelter Packaging will not adjust pricing.


Shelter Packaging is not responsible for reviewing the content you request to include on your boxes, including logos or content for correctness or weight. The execution of your orders is solely based on the information provided when you click submit. Errors on your part will not be the responsibility of Shelter Packaging, including grammatical errors. We advise clients to thoroughly review the material they send to us to ensure it is of high quality and free of errors related to punctuation, layout, or fonts.

Shelter Packaging does not automatically provide proof of

┬ácontent for your order. If you require proofing, please reach out to us directly. However, we will not proceed with the order until you formally approve it via email, which may impact the order’s dispatch time.

Refund Policy:

At Shelter Packaging, we are dedicated to offering high-quality products and services. While we do offer refunds in certain circumstances, we regret to inform you that refunds cannot be processed within a 3-day window from the date of purchase. We believe this grace period allows customers ample time to assess their purchase. After the 3-day period, our standard refund policy applies, designed to be fair to both customers and our business. We encourage customers to review their purchases carefully and contact our customer support team with any concerns. Our team is here to assist you and will work diligently to address any issues you may encounter. Thank you for understanding our refund policy.


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