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What are hemp boxes?
Hemp packaging boxes are containers or boxes made from hemp-based materials, specifically hemp fibers or hemp paper. Hemp is a versatile and sustainable plant that can be used to create various products, including packaging materials.
The adoption of hemp packaging aligns with the growing interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices within various industries. As regulations evolve and consumer preferences shift toward more eco-conscious choices,  custom hemp packaging is likely to become more prevalent as a viable alternative to traditional packaging materials.
Enhance the appeal of your CBD-infused products with uniquely crafted custom hemp boxes.

Elevate the presentation of your hemp-infused oils, beverages, cookies, and lip balms by showcasing them in custom hemp boxes designed to captivate every observer. Our specialized printing services empower you to imprint captivating artworks and eye-catching designs on your custom hemp boxes, transforming the visual aesthetics of your products and ensuring they stand out on dispensary shelves.
Collaborate with us to bring your vision to life and create custom hemp boxes in distinctive shapes, suitable sizes, and captivating styles. Our team of experienced packaging experts is ready to assist you in crafting packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed the demands of this highly competitive market.
At Shelter Packaging, we understand the importance of individuality in a saturated market. That’s why we offer custom-designed hemp packaging boxes tailored to your specifications. Simply give us a call at 716 745 4352, and let us bring your ideas to reality in a matter of minutes. Elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression with our elegantly designed and customized hemp packaging solutions.
Boost the Visibility of Your Hemp Products with Shelter Packaging’s Customized Hemp Boxes Wholesale
Make your hemp seeds, oils, energy bars, gummies, or jellies more prominent on shelves with custom hemp boxes designed by Shelter Packaging experts. Enhance your brand identity in the niche with custom hemp boxes featuring different branding elements. Utilize our high-tech printing services to imprint catchy colors, marketing taglines, and brand logos, turning your hemp products into a walking billboard for your cannabis brand.
Apply various finishings to bestow extra glow to your medicated products. Spot UV enhances the prominence of your brand name and logo, making your CBD-infused products easily recognizable. Gloss/Matte finishes provide an aesthetic visual and tactile experience for your creams, lip balms, and lotions. Our advanced finishing methodologies ensure premium quality finishes on your custom hemp boxes, giving your medicated products an attractive yet shining visual appearance.
Transmit essential information about your hemp-infused products, including soothing ingredients, health benefits, or consumption instructions, by getting custom printed hemp boxes from us. Print nutritious benefits, protein quantity, expiry dates, and brand names on custom hemp boxes under the guidance of our expert packaging team. Our non-fading, high-quality inks and error-free printing services allow you to get skillfully printed custom hemp boxes, highlighting all your product-specific information and conveying a sense of high quality.
Ensure the robust protection of your bottle-packed CBD oil and lotions during transportation with custom hemp boxes crafted from durable cardboard material.
Our skilled material analysts assess the size and dimensions of your organic products, recommending the ideal thickness of material to provide enhanced security against physical shocks and impacts. The cardboard material is versatile, allowing for any necessary details about your products and usage precautions to be expertly printed on the custom hemp boxes, making them informative and appealing to customers.

For those seeking natural and organic product perceptions, pack your hemp pills, capsules, lotions, syringes, and more in custom kraft hemp boxes. The natural brown color of these boxes, coupled with their durability and resistance, not only provides a distinctive appearance on dispensary shelves but also safeguards your organic products from dust and damage. This cost-effective solution is perfect for promoting the image of wholesome and chemical-free contents.

Protect your hemp cigarettes, pre-rolls, and CBD joints from environmental harm, including humidity, by utilizing laminated custom hemp boxes. Our proficient packaging engineers can assist in laminating your custom hemp boxes, ensuring the safety of delicate smoking products while also presenting them effectively. Whether you prioritize protection or a captivating presentation for your medicated smoking products, our top-notch custom hemp boxes offer a comprehensive packaging solution.

Additionally, keep hemp oil bottles organized and easily accessible with custom hemp boxes featuring tiered punch partitions. Consult with our packaging experts to create tiered punch partitions in any shape for your custom hemp boxes, providing a secure hold for your organic products, maintaining organization, and presenting an attractive display on countertops. Trust us to meet your product protection and presentation needs with our expertly crafted custom hemp boxes.
Discover Exceptional Custom Hemp Box Manufacturing Services at Shelter Packaging
As a prominent box manufacturer with a vast portfolio of satisfied customers, Shelter Packaging offers unparalleled ease of mind and customization for your hemp boxes. We handle every aspect of manufacturing custom hemp boxes in-house, including printing, designing, and structural layout, allowing us to provide competitive wholesale prices.
Experience a hassle-free process by using our user-friendly quote form, which covers all the essential options such as stock type, material thickness, printing preferences, and other crucial details needed to design custom hemp boxes according to your specifications. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our 24/7 customer support representatives who are ready to provide timely solutions for your printing and designing inquiries.
To ensure your personally designed custom hemp boxes meet your expectations in terms of visuals and functionality, take advantage of our production-grade samples. We offer the opportunity to assess the results before proceeding with the full production, ensuring that your custom hemp boxes align perfectly with your vision.
For added convenience, benefit from our low minimum order policy, allowing you to order the preferred quantity of custom hemp boxes, whether it’s just one or as many as you require. At Emenac Packaging, we are dedicated to providing top-notch box manufacturing services that cater to your unique needs and specifications.
Finally, leveraging our technical expertise, we can efficiently produce boxes with a minimum turnaround time of 8-10 working days. Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping, ensuring your order is delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the USA. To get in touch with us, feel free to call at 716 745 4352 or send an email to We look forward to assisting you.
Avail Our Special Services in Specific Areas without any Shipping Cost
Get your hands on our meticulously crafted Custom Hemp Packaging Boxes! We enthusiastically offer our delivery services specifically in fourteen cities including, Medford-Klmath Falls OR ,Palm Springs ,Chico Redding, Monterery Sanlinas, San Diego, Fresno-Visalia, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Reno NV, Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo, Eureka, Bakersfield, Yuma AZ-EI Centro ,with our dedication to excellence and assurance that our clients get the best out of our services. Additionally you can also get your hands on customized hemp packaging boxes throughout the California and the USA as we provide nationwide services there, making sure we meet the diverse needs of our clients.



Available in all shapes and sizes


14pt, 16pt, 18pt and 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

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Gloss, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

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Available in all shapes and sizes


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