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At Shelter Packaging, we strive to captivate the female audience with our custom-made eyeshadow palette packaging

Elevate your cosmetic and eyeshadow palettes packaging to unparalleled heights in the industry through our commitment to quality printing and meticulous attention to detail according to your specifications. Our dedicated quality assurance department collaborates seamlessly with production personnel to ensure that every customization is executed flawlessly.

Embark on your journey to create custom eyeshadow palette boxes by reaching out to our customer care representatives, and rest assured, we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence. Contact us now at 716 745 4352, and let Shelter Packaging be your trusted partner in delivering the best custom eyeshadow packaging.

Unlock the potential of your cosmetic brand with customized eyeshadow palette packaging tailored to your unique vision

Whether it is custom eyeshadow palettes, powder foundations, or tools like brushes and sponges, these specially crafted boxes play a vital role in both preserving and presenting your makeup essentials with flair.

Imagine enclosing not just eyeshadow palettes but multiple accessories within these boxes, creating an all-encompassing experience. Moreover, imprint your brand firmly in the minds of your clientele by showcasing all the essential branding information prominently on top of each custom eyeshadow palette packaging.

When it comes to finding the ideal partner for your customized eyeshadow palettes boxes, look no further than Shelter Packaging. With over a decade of dedicated service to the cosmetic industry in the United States, we excel in providing bespoke solutions that precisely meet your needs. Our team of professionals is adept at turning your visions into reality, ensuring that your custom eyeshadow palettes are not just packaging but an integral part of your brand’s identity. Let Shelter Packaging elevate your cosmetic presentation to new heights.

Evoke intrigue in women by ensuring your eyeshadow palette packaging boasts impeccable printing.

The key to capturing attention lies in obtaining your artwork and printing designs in striking color combinations on your uniquely crafted boxes. At Shelter Packaging, we employ cutting-edge offset printing techniques to bring your designs to life in a vivid and authentic manner.

Our seasoned experts meticulously strike the perfect balance, seamlessly integrating your branding details, cosmetic item specifications, and usage instructions onto your custom-printed eyeshadow palette boxes. The result is a visually appealing custom eyeshadow palette package where every element complements one another flawlessly.

In the absence of your own designs, our dedicated design specialists are ready to assist. Explore our extensive product portfolio, featuring pre-developed designs accumulated over the years. Choose one that resonates with your vision, and we’ll prepare it for you at no additional cost.

Transform your eyeshadow palette packaging into attention-grabbing showcases that effortlessly draws every onlooker’s gaze toward your makeup items. With Shelter Packaging, your products are not just packaged; they are presented in a way that ensures they practically sell themselves – that’s our commitment to you!

Discover an array of packaging possibilities tailored for your custom eyeshadow palette boxes with us

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we’ve curated an extensive library featuring over 200 box styles. Carefully selected by industry professionals, these styles simplify the decision-making process for you. Should you find yourself pondering over the shape or style of the box, a quick browse through our styles catalogue provides a variety of solutions to meet your requirements.

Beyond the conventional windows and tuck ends, our catalogue includes innovative features such as punched-out holes, packaging partitions, divider inserts, and magnetic closures. This ensures your custom eyeshadow palette packaging boasts ample compartments to house an array of cosmetic items seamlessly. Precision die-cutting techniques allow you to customize these boxes with holes of your desired size, accommodating powder foundations, glittering eyeshadows, and various eye cosmetic items effortlessly.

Ensuring the protection and safety of your cosmetic essentials is paramount. Opt for our 14pt to 24pt SBS cardboard stocks, providing resilience against accidental pressures and other unwanted circumstances. For an elevated presentation, consider our thick rigid material wrapped in art or linen paper – a combination that not only enhances aesthetics but also safeguards your face makeup essentials effectively.

To add the final touch, choose from a range of finishing options. Opt for gloss for a shiny appearance that appeals to the preferences of many, go for matte for a more natural feel, or select lamination for comprehensive protection against moisture and smears. Regardless of your material or finishing choice, our goal is to make your eyeshadow palette packaging the top choice for every fashion-conscious consumer.

Experience not just exceptional boxes, but perfect services as well with Shelter Packaging

Our dedicated consumer service team is adept at attentively listening to your requirements, staying informed about the latest packaging trends, and delivering tailored solutions based on your individual needs. Our packaging specialists undergo special training to offer design ideas, material recommendations, and printing options to clients requiring assistance with their custom eyeshadow palette packaging box orders.

Shelter Packaging follows a no minimum order policy, allowing you the flexibility to book as few as one thousand or even just one box at wholesale prices. We exclusively charge wholesale rates and extend free shipping on every order across the United States and Canada – providing unbeatable value. To kick start the customization of your cosmetic and makeup palette packaging, initiate a Live Chat with your dedicated agent. Alternatively, feel free to call us at 716 745 4352 or drop an email at to place your order, and we’ll promptly assist you every step of the way.



Available in all shapes and sizes


14pt, 16pt, 18pt and 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options

Gloss, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices

Available in all shapes and sizes


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