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Elevate your packaging to the highest level of security and style by opting for custom partition boxes that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring utmost protection during shipping

At Shelter Packaging, we offer a wide array of options for cardboard box partitions, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of inserts. From fence partitions and dividers to cardboard compartments, you have the flexibility to design packaging that is not only robust but also visually striking. Your finished products will remain safe and visually appealing both inside and out.

Our services provide precise cutouts and creases, enabling the creation of protective cardboard partitions for your e-commerce mailing products. Alternatively, you can opt for eco-friendly Kraft corrugated stock to craft boxes with 4 and 6 partitions that can be tailored to accommodate the size of your bottled medicines, ensuring secure shipping.

Unleash your creativity with the assistance of our skilled designers. You can fashion intricate box structures with partitions that include notches and corner-cuts, adding a “wow” factor to your product presentation.

To get started, simply reach out to our experts by calling 716 745 4352. They will guide you through the design process, make recommendations, and oversee the manufacturing of the perfect cardboard insert boxes for your unique needs.

Get the custom partition boxes for sale that you need quickly and efficiently to serve the dual purposes of arranging your products elegantly and providing top-notch protection.

Our eco-friendly custom partition boxes, including scored pad dividers, not only enhance the aesthetics of your items but also prevent any unwanted collisions during transit.

Creating custom partition boxes tailored to your specific product dimensions has never been easier with our straightforward ordering process. Start by specifying the cell size, cell depth, and the number of cells required, ensuring a perfect custom fit for your packaged items.

Next, choose the material for your custom partitions from a range of options, including corrugated flutes, sturdy cardboard, fiber box partitions, and more. Finally, select the additional features you desire. Options like corner cuts for easy insertion, directional markings for simplified arrangement, friction locks for secure placement, v-notches, and many more are at your disposal.

Once you’ve completed this process, you can have your custom partition boxes delivered anywhere in the U.S., providing your recipients with a beautiful unboxing experience. Trust us to construct the custom partition boxes you need efficiently and to your exact specifications.

Achieving complete customer satisfaction hinges on the ability to offer a seamless fusion of elegant product presentation and effective protection. To achieve this, it’s imperative to package your valuable items in robust boxes equipped with tailored partitions that enhance their safety and allure. When it comes to the ultimate choice for securing your products, custom cardboard partitions stand out as the ideal solution.

By opting for custom box partitions, you can significantly reduce the risk of damages, entice customers to choose your products, impart a high-end and luxurious feel to your offerings, ensure the safe delivery of fragile items over long distances, and rapidly earn the trust of your valued customers. Shelter Packaging comprehends your unique packaging needs and dedicates all its resources to meet them.

Our professional production unit employs cutting-edge technology, including laser cutting machines, to precisely craft custom box partitions that align perfectly with your product dimensions. We specialize in offering a variety of partition types to cater to your distinct requirements, enabling you to:

  1. Enhance the aesthetics of your luxury items while enhancing their safety.
    2. Safely transport large products, shielding them from shocks and collisions during shipping.
    3. Provide exceptional protection for delicate glassware and crystal products with the help of corrugated box partitions.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to combine these partitions with ordinary cardboard boxes, creating an indelible first impression on your clients. These flawlessly die-cut box partitions promptly transform your product packaging into a fortress of protection, elevating your brand’s reputation within your industry while adding substantial value.

Experience the precision and excellence that defines Shelter Packaging at every stage of crafting your custom partition boxes, tailored precisely to your specifications.

Are you seeking a foolproof method to enhance the protection of your product assortments while maintaining their visual appeal? Look no further. Custom partition boxes, meticulously crafted from robust cardboard and paperboard, are the ideal choice to keep your products securely in place. These specially designed partitions, when integrated into your packaging boxes, serve multiple functions: they keep your items separated, add an additional layer of protection against abrasion, prevent unwanted movements, and ensure a snug fit. Shelter Packaging fabricates these custom, die-cut box partitions using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and follows meticulous procedures to ensure your product packaging is completed flawlessly, securely holding your items in place while preserving the integrity of the box.

Send your products with precision and security by using partitioned packaging: Securely transport your products to retail stores by incorporating custom box partitions, allowing customers to select well-protected items. Each insert is tailor-made to your specifications, ensuring that the insert size aligns with the inner dimensions of the box and that each compartment is accurately designed to provide a snug fit for your products. This approach allows you to present your items in an organized and impressive manner, instantly captivating your customers.

Experience unwavering precision across your entire batch of box partitions: When you collaborate with Shelter Packaging for your custom partition boxes, you can eliminate the risk of receiving irregularly shaped, bent, or improperly sized inserts. Our qualified inspectors adhere to a stringent quality control system, ensuring that your made-to-order box partitions meet your exact specifications. This not only adds structural rigidity to the box but also prevents your cherished items, such as cookies and macarons, from coming into contact and potentially crumbling. Even the slightest defect or variation in size and material quality is not overlooked, with the entire batch of partitions discarded to guarantee that only the highest-quality box partitions are delivered to you.

Benefit from our no minimum order capability: Whether you require a small or large quantity of custom box partitions, we can fulfill your needs, eliminating the need for excessive inventory storage costs. Our commitment is to accommodate orders of all sizes.

Enjoy swift delivery of your custom box partitions: You can have your custom partition boxes in your hands in fewer than 14 business days, ensuring no delays in your product launch. We achieve this through our expedited turnaround scheme, prioritizing your timelines and deadlines.

Enhance the safety of your products during transit and provide individual compartments for each item with custom partition boxes tailored to your specific needs.

Many businesses are in search of reliable methods to securely package their products within their designated boxes. Custom partition boxes, expertly crafted from robust cardboard and precisely aligned with your product dimensions, offer a perfect solution to keep your products securely in place and shield them from potential collisions with other items during transportation. These flawlessly die-cut partitions are also available in durable corrugated materials that can be customized to meet your product’s unique requirements.

Need guidance or have questions? Our dedicated and highly responsive customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries regarding your custom cardboard box partitions. They provide cost-effective solutions and assist you in selecting the ideal material that not only fits perfectly but also ensures your products receive the protection they deserve without compromising on quality, as your success is our priority.

If you want to provide your products with a unique protection feature that reflects your commitment to quality, explore our extensive range of styles and shapes for die-cut cardboard insert partitions. Whether you’re packaging jars, bottles, sprays, or other delicate items that require extra protection to maintain their integrity during transit, you can choose from our selection of tough, resilient, and perfectly die-cut box partitions. These partitions effectively secure your products inside the box, preventing breakage and damage, and leaving a lasting impression on your customers when they open the box and discover the care and attention you’ve put into delivering a high-quality product.

Need design assistance? Share your ideas with our expert designers, receive free guidance, and trust them to bring your custom cardboard box partition ideas to life. They listen attentively to your requirements and offer recommendations on the best materials to preserve your products’ true form.

To finalize your requirements for the inserts, simply fill out our quick quote form with all the necessary details and receive instant wholesale pricing. Compare our pricing with other suppliers to see how much you can save by choosing us. Have any doubts? Rest assured that, as a manufacturer, we provide the most competitive wholesale pricing, aimed at helping you save more while investing less. Once everything is settled, you can request production-grade samples to ensure that the die-cutting and materials meet your exact specifications. Then, we’ll promptly produce the box partitions in the quantities you require without unnecessary delays.

To save time and effort, take advantage of our free shipping service, thanks to our collaboration with top courier companies in the USA and Canada. This ensures timely delivery right to your doorstep, eliminating the need to go elsewhere to collect your ordered custom partition boxes. Simply relax at home or at the office, and your flawlessly die-cut box partitions will be delivered to your designated address.

Don’t waste any more time. Book your custom partition boxes today by dialing 716 745 4352 or sending an email to to inquire about our offers and deals, and make a well-informed purchasing decision.



Available in all shapes and sizes


14pt, 16pt, 18pt and 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

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Gloss, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

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Available in all shapes and sizes


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